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At Justiss & Henderson Law Office, we treat each case as unique to its specific circumstances and provide every client with personalized and effective legal representation. The firm’s policy is to knowledgeably represent your interests and strategically manage your case to help reach your objectives.

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After making a call to Justiss & Henderson, Attorneys at Law, you will be able to feel relieved knowing that we will handle everything on your behalf.
A sometimes-unfortunate fact of life is that things can change. Love can fade, careers can get in the way, disagreements can happen...
Property issues can be daunting and complex. We are here to help simplify that process.
We offer representation...
Although we cannot erase the pain and damages that have been done to you, we can help you fight for the compensation...
Methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution keep our court dockets down such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration...
It’s not easy to think about, but having a plan in place for the inevitable can make all the difference to your loved ones...
Civil issues come in all shapes and sizes. You had a car accident, and the insurance company is refusing to pay what’s owed to you?

Asked Questions

A person in need of an accident & injury attorney will not pay attorney fees unless, the case is resolved and money is recovered for the client. If no money is ever recovered, the client does not pay any attorney’s fees or expenses (called a “contingent fee agreement”).

At Justiss & Henderson, Attorneys at Law, we charge our clients based on this contingent fee. The client never receives a monthly bill that they have to pay. Instead, we charge a percentage of the amount we recover. This percentage is paid after the settlement, not before, and is calculated based upon the entire settlement amount. In addition, at the time of settlement, the client pays out of the settlement for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred. These expenses include medical records and reports, filing fees, deposition charges, copy charges, and other similar expenses. These expenses are deducted after the percentage for attorneys’ fees is deducted.

Whenever someone is injured through the negligence of another, the issue arises whether they need an attorney to help them with their claim. If the injuries are minor and the person quickly recovers, there is often little need to retain an attorney. Instead, medical bills are paid through your insurance company, and the matter can be left there.

However, if serious injuries occur, victims can quickly find themselves at a distinct disadvantage. The insurance companies for the negligent parties will inevitably have an extensive network of insurance adjusters, doctors, and other experts whose job is to defeat or minimize any injury claims arising from an accident. Most people do not have the resources or expertise to fight on an equal footing with insurance companies.

There may be a few options. One would be to contact Adult Protective Service (APS), or the Elder Exploitation and Financial Service. If not, it may be necessary to begin Guardianship proceedings.

Your parents have the option to sign Power of Attorney Documents to appoint someone to handle their finances and/or their medical decisions. However, if they do not have the capacity to understand what the documents mean, it may be necessary to begin Guardianship proceedings.

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